Worry List


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I’m not cut out to perform for the camera?

If you can handle the pressure of an interview, you can make a Video CV.

For most people, it’s just about doing it and getting over yourself.

First of all, try the suggestions in the section “Get used to the camera”.

You don’t need to perform, just be as natural as you can be. If you make a mistake just do another take … until you’re happy.

You can have a friend hold up bullet points for you, just out of sight, as a prompt. But be sure it doesn’t look – or sound - like you’re reading from them.

If in doubt, keep practicing. Take 2 … Take 7 … Take 12 … Until it’s in the can.

Yes you’re on show, but you’re not on trial. Relax and enjoy yourself. Unlike when you go for an interview, there’s no time limit. So keep shaping your Video CV until you’re ready to upload it to the site. Employers will only view the version you publish. 

If cameras are a real problem for you, check out our Masterclass video: Act Natural - how to be YOU in front of a camera here

2. So it’s all about how I look?

No way! Employers who are hiring are looking to hire someone with a great personality first and foremost - someone they can work with, trust and rely on day to day. Plus they want to know about your qualifications and experience. Your Video CV can do so much of that work for them – and for you.

And hey – if a potential employer rejects you on the basis of your looks, you’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of time and effort turning up to be interviewed by someone you probably wouldn’t want to work for anyway.

3. How much is this going to cost me?

Registering for a CVVID account is completely free, even a Premium Account is free, but only for a limited time. This will allow you to search and apply for jobs and communicate directly with employers. 

Our video editor app on the App Store will help you create and compile your video CV too. And guess how much that will cost you? Absolutely nothing.  

4. What about security? Will anyone be able to view my video CV?

No they won’t. At CVVID we take your privacy really seriously. Your profile is only viewable if you choose to make your account public. If you choose to keep it private, then only those employers who have been sent your unique link can view your Video CV.

What’s more, once you’ve landed a job, you can de-activate your account so you don’t get any unwanted attention!

5. How do I know this new kind of CV really works?

More and more employers are using video to recruit. From video CVs to online interviews.

Employers are using video to help them shortlist candidates more effectively. Some of the employers using CVVID are only accepting candidates with a video CV, that's how much they believe this to be the way forward. 

Our platform also enables employers to conduct video interviews online. They can do this live face to face or through set questions they can set for candidates to answer. 

So prepare your video CV and get yours perfected, and be a step ahead, before it becomes common practise. Don't be in a postion where an employer will request a video CV and you panic. Showcase you, at your best.

6. Additional Documentation.

Your video is just one part of your online profile. Your profile page can also include other stuff

A paper CV – some people will still need this - your portfolio, exam certificates, qualifications, testimonials

In fact anything that enhances your credentials.