Frequently Asked Questions


Registration is free.

Listing vacancies only costs a nominal fee, after which you can upload your vacancies, search candidates and communicate directly with them.

The cost is £45 per vacancy if you only need to use the service adhoc, or £450 for a one off annual payment and upload as many vacancies as you wish. Yes that's correct, as many as you wish.


With the financial climate, we have decided to support recruiters and employers and allow all employers to register for annual subscriptions for free

You can now upload vacancies; search candidates; shortlist applicants; conduct online interviews; streamline your recruitment and hire staff all for free. 

Register with us as an employer and when advertising for any vacancies be sure to ask applicants to include a video CV. It’s as simple as that!

That’s simple too.

Each jobseeker will provide you with a unique link for their profile page which includes a video CV and their supporting documentation - like a portfolio or exam certificates.

You can also view all the Video CVs of jobseekers who have chosen to make their profiles public using an intelligent search facility. Once you’ve identified a suitable candidate, you can message them directly to set up an interview.