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  • £55,000.00 annum
  • Remote Location
  • 4 days ago

National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is looking for a Director of Marketing to join its growing team. NZF is an ambitious and dynamic Islamic charity which collects and distributes funds for the purposes of hardship alleviation and community education in the UK. This is an exciting time to join NZF’s Senior Management Team as the charity embarks on a period of positive change and growth.

About you

The Director of Marketing will be responsible for the strategic and tactical marketing plans ranging from branding, advertising, promotion, supporter acquisition through to stakeholder marketing. You will lead a small team, have budgetary responsibilities and play an integral role in the growth of the charity.

What we are looking for

You’ll have had extensive experience of working in a broad marketing role across both digital and traditional forms of marketing. You’ll possess demonstrable experience of developing and formulating marketing plans which have led to successful, measurable outcomes in the areas of customer acquisition, branding, product/service design and public relations. You’ll be able to show how you’ve successfully introduced innovative and creative ideas into an organisation, working within agreed budgets. A natural communicator possessing excellent written and verbal communication skills, you’ll also be adept at managing a range of stakeholder relationships, both within and external to the organisation (including external agencies and donation recipients). While charity industry experience is not a pre-requisite, you must be able to demonstrate a clear motivation to wanting to join the sector.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote Location
  • 3 weeks ago

People Operations and HR Manager 


As a remote global company we have the possibility of rewriting what ‘human resources’ looks like. We want to look at new solutions to grow the potential of the company that puts employees first and out grow bureaucratic HR practices of the past. 


At LaunchGood we value our employees and their input at all levels. From the moment our employees are hired we want to make sure they are supported and equipped with the right tools to reach their full potential. That makes the role of HR manager and People operations an exciting opportunity to shape LaunchGood’s people-centric culture.

Expectations and responsibilities: 

The role would consist of 50% recruitment and 50% developing our teams and creating the best environment and culture to succeed.

Recruit like a champion:

    • Work with the executive team to identify criteria and source talent needed for key positions
    • Create a plan to continue sourcing talent for company needs in time for actual recruitment
    • End-to-End Management of the recruitment process including application, selection and induction into LaunchGood.
    • Ensure job descriptions and person specifications are up to date. 
    • Ensure the company meets all requirements around hiring locally in the US and internationally. 

Spearhead Organisational Effectiveness & Development: 

    • Onboard new employees and ensure they have access to necessary resources and tech
    • Facilitate and organize team planning retreats and activities both remote and in person
    • Manage employee engagement and team culture
    • Facilitate management training, team meetings, team development, book clubs, and other company programs and schedules
    • Monitor team and individual professional development
    • Create and implement a personal development program (PDP) in order for our people to reach their full potential.

Deliver Core HR Functions & Compliance:

    • Research and Develop company policy areas which include: Statutory requirements, HR employment law policies in different countries, salary ranges, legal frameworks, absence management, sick leave, probation management, benefits and others. 
    • Manage company benefits, tools, and resources. 
    • Create our employee handbook (a fun one that will be read!)
    • Ensuring the HR requirements are in line with the organisation plan.
    • Lead and help establish company policies unique to a company a remote company. Help lead and shape questions around How does health and safety look with a remote working team? What does a vacation policy look like? How do we help our team stay engaged virtually?

Timeline: This Job description will self-destruct on ….  (As soon we find the right candidate!)

  • £8.30 hour
  • Lancashire, UK
  • 4 weeks ago

Role: Care Support Workers

Location: Lancashire

Salary: £8.30 ph

Hours: Flexible


Companion Home Care are looking for compassionate, qualified and professional care support workers to provide home care to our clients.

With the nature of the job, we expect nothing short of exceptional behaviour and conduct. DBS checks and references will be required

  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote Location
  • 4 weeks ago

Job: Front End Developer

Remote working

Together, we have been empowering ideas, challenging narratives, and creating positive change since 2013.

Develop a delightful experience with high attention to detail by using industry best practices and data-driven design. Contribute your leadership and expertise to build the future direction of front-end development at LaunchGood.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring user experience informs design choices
  • Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design
  • Developing features to enhance the user experience
  • Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones
  • Building reusable code for future use
  • Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability
  • Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design
  • Benchmark and enhance the front-end performance of our top 5 pages on a quarterly basis
  • Run 4 or more A/B tests a month geared towards the pages' most valuable functions


  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote Location
  • a month ago

Job Title: Marketing Director 

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Director who has a proven track record of growing and building successful teams. The individual will be responsible for LaunchGood’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall branding and image.


We are actively hiring for this position and want to fill it asap


Develop and execute end to end marketing strategies for LaunchGood, expand the marketing team, and turn LaunchGood into a household name for fundraising and inspiration within the Muslim community.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote Location
  • a month ago

Finance Director
As a growing global remote organization, we are looking for an all-knowing finance guru to support the financial decision making of LaunchGood. From establishing and scaling financial systems, budget management, to reviewing financial health and performance within the parameters of our cash flow and forecasts.

As the Director of Finance you are responsible for the company’s financial health and operational cash management. You will work with all our departments of LaunchGood and help them plan and manage their budgets. You will also lead the building and scale of accounting systems to manage/reconcile campaign accounts globally. You will also work closely with the senior leadership to help them manage the long term sustainability, as well as understand where LaunchGood can best optimize for operational efficiency.