Why is a video CV better than a regular cv?

The simple answer to why video cv is better is s that the world of work has undergone dramatic changes during recent years because of a technological revolution.

Where a traditional handwritten application was superseded by an emailed CV, now we are entering an era where the video CV is becoming increasingly visible in a competitive job market.

Even if employers don’t ask you to submit a video CV to complement your résumé, you will increase your chances considerably by doing so.

Sending a video CV to a potential employer conveys a whole raft of messages about you and how keen you are to nail a job interview.

It’s a positive way of showing that you’re confident and proactive, and able to communicate on different platforms.

OK, so you may not feel comfortable in front of a camera but don’t allow that to deter you from your goal.

The great thing about making a video CV is that you can make as many versions as you like until you achieve the one you think best represents you and your capability.

give yourself the best possible chance at a job with a video cv

Reasons why you should have a video CV

  1. You need to stand out from the crowd

Getting your application to stand out is one of the first hurdles in the way of clinching your dream job. Recruiters have to wade through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of CVs but if you include a video CV you can make an immediate impression and that adds up to a larger chance of success.

  • Employers ask you for one

Some employers now only accept candidates for roles if they include a video CV alongside their traditional one because they see this as the modern way to recruit their staff.

  • It’s a fantastic modern job seeker ‘tool’

We live in a modern world of high-speed internet connections, where almost everything we do is documented on our mobiles. Why would you not want to bring that part of contemporary life into your search for meaningful work? With the modern capabilities of transmitting video via the internet, video CVs are becoming another tool job seeker’s can use to showcase their abilities beyond a traditional résumé.

  • It shows initiative

The person who is prepared to do that bit extra to attract attention increases the likelihood their application will be memorable.

  • You can showcase your personality better

While a written CV gives the nitty gritty of your educational and work history, your video CV demonstrates more about you as a person. A recruiter will be able see what you look and sound like, and will also get an insight into your personality.

Do try not to dwell on whether your looks or voice fit in; most employers are interested in employing genuine people with a real enthusiasm for the job that’s on offer. It can convey what a sociable, confident person you are and will certainly tell the potential employer more about you as a person. At the top of that list is that you are bold enough to place yourself in front of the camera.

  • Shows how media savvy you are

We live in a world that is changing, where we are spending more and more time in front of a webcam, or streaming live on social media. This means a video CV can not only make people sit up and take notice of you but also demonstrate your grasp of new media and modern communication.

  • It’s like a preliminary interview

A CV presented as a video clip can be viewed as a first interview. Before creating yours, write down the kind of questions you imagine a recruiter will want answers to. However, start with an introduction; your name, age, a brief description of your qualifications, and a little about your passions and loves and why you want this particular job.

  • Better communication

It may be that you don’t feel you can bring yourself to life on paper, for example, or that you have something unique to communicate and you’ll be able to show that with an immediacy a normal CV doesn’t.

  • Showcases your experience

A video CV can help potential employers understand your experience better; you can describe the impact different roles have had on you, for example.

  • People process visuals faster

Apparently, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, so it figures that you will be able to get your message across immediately.

  • Lasting Impression

A video CV is likely to leave a much longer lasting impression. According to a Wyzowl infographic about the power of visual communication, people remember 10 per cent of what they hear, 20 per cent of what they read, and 80 per cent of what they see and do. So, by watching you talk about yourself and your experiences, instead of reading about them, recruiters are probably more likely to remember you when the time comes to hire a candidate.

  • On-camera skills are required

So many jobs these days require you to make online videos, or appear as a spokesperson for the company and with your video CV you will have already demonstrated an ability to perform in front of the camera.

  • You can show off your creative flair

If you’re in a creative industry, particularly one that involves things like design and motion graphics, then there’s even more reason for you to create a video CV. By showing recruiters a video that you’ve made, you’re not only presenting them with your  résumé but also a piece of work that they can use as an example of your talent.

  • It’s a new skill

Master the art of making your video CV and even if you don’t get this job, next time around you’ll have even more of an edge over your competitors.

  • You’ve got nothing to lose

Basically, why wouldn’t you create a video CV if it helps you achieve your dream job?

If you would like to know more about how to make your own video CV, and the ways in which you can use it to attract recruiters, contact us at cvvid.com or simply download our mobile app to create your video cv.

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