Smart Recruiting Tips: How to Find the Best Talent for Your Business Faster

If you’re looking to find the best talent for your business what’s the problem? Surely, in an overcrowded jobs market, with graduates jostling for positions, then you can easily pick off the applicants you want.

Except, it’s not that simple.

Not all graduates will be of the right calibre, and those that are will also attract plenty of interest from the competition. Some of these competitors will be big names making attractive offers.

Suddenly, the market for talent starts to look a whole lot more competitive for employers.

What can you do to win the war for talent? Here are our smart recruiting tips.

1. Define Your Quality Candidate

If the challenge is finding the right level of talent, then the first thing to do is to define who it is you’re searching for.

The major differentiating characteristic of a quality candidate is that they’re well-informed.

What are the things to look for in the well-informed candidate’s application?

They should:

  • Demonstrate they are prepared for interviews
  • Ask the right questions
  • Know about your business
  • Have the right expectations about the benefits you offer.

The well-informed candidate has done their homework and therefore knows what to expect.

By filtering these types of candidates earlier in the process, you can speed the entire process up.

2. Speed up the Recruitment Process

Research shows that hiring can take longer for many companies. The more selective you are about the talent you’re looking for the more competitive recruitment becomes.

But one way in which you can steal a march on the bigger players is by accelerating your recruitment processes.

How do you do this? Firstly, by reviewing and streamlining your hiring process:

  • Switch to digital interviews for early stages of recruitment to eliminate scheduling difficulties and delays related to candidates having to travel to face-to-face interviews
  • Reduce the number of people required to approve a candidate, so that your process isn’t bogged down by bureaucracy
  • Make low-value parts of the talent acquisition workflow more efficient, such as eliminating irrelevant or perfunctory questions
  • Focus on high-priority talent acquisition tasks, such as filtering pre-qualified candidates and speeding up how you make and accept offers.

3. Create Clearer Job Descriptions

Whatever actions you take to speed up your recruitment processes will only work for you if you’re clear about the roles you want to fill in the first place.

The more clarity you can give jobseekers, the easier it will be to attract better quality candidates during the recruitment process.

The best way of writing good, clear job descriptions is to put yourself in the jobseeker’s shoes.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Clear job title – avoid abbreviations or jargon, or attempts at being edgy by using slang terms
  • Role description – keep it about the applicant, so prioritise this over information about you and your business, and include things that the applicant should find exciting about the role
  • Pay and other benefits – a lucrative offer isn’t just about the salary, it’s the whole package, including work-life balance and other perks
  • Easy to read onscreen format – break the job description down into small paragraphs with short sentences and use subheadings and bullet points
  • Simple application process – make it easy to do, via the press of a call-to-action button or via email.

4. Streamline Your Assessments

We’ve already talked about speeding up the recruitment process using video, but you can make things even more efficient by accepting and using video CVs.

There are huge advantages to this from the employer’s perspective:

  • You reduce the administrative burden by not having piles of paper CVs to sift through
  • You get a much better overall picture of a candidate’s personality, beyond a list of their achievements and interests.

Increasingly, employers are discovering for themselves how video CVs can support smarter and faster recruitment.

“We were able to shortlist with more clarity because we requested video CVs from all applicants. We were able to gauge candidates’ confidence via their videos before inviting them for an interview, which is so important in retail. The successful applicant has stayed with us since.”

– Recruitment Manager, Ocean Clothing

“We believe in what CVVid represents. It’s helping us recruit more effectively and efficiently, and also helping us recruit smarter. It means everyone is happy and our retention rate for staff is improving.”

– Adam, Turner White Solutions

Is your business ready for smarter recruitment? Talk to us about using CV video as part of your recruitment process.

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