How to prepare your job profile online

Preparing your job profile online

When you’re looking for a new job, a step up the career ladder, or to get your foot in the door of an entirely new field, then first impressions really do count.

These days, yours is likely to be made online by any profiles you have on job sites.

These short professional biographies will help you to spot vacancies, network, and connect with potential employers.

So, how do you begin?

Be unique

The internet is vast, and your profile will be competing with thousands of others.

So, before you begin compiling yours, think about what makes you unique.

What talents and expertise do you have that you could bring to the role that no-one else could?  What do you want to be known for and what are your future career goals?

If you’re experienced at generating revenue for people you’ve worked for, then talk about how you’ve helped to grow the businesses you’ve been a part of.

If you’ve helped to innovate, then demonstrate how.

Make sure that your online image matches how you want to be perceived by future employers.

If you’re applying for creative positions, and your profile lacks imagination, what might a potential employer conclude?

If the job is all about attention to detail and your profile has spelling and grammar mistakes, what does it communicate?

Be specific

Employers will be pleased to know that you’re hard-working, conscientious and qualified, but what have you done in the past that illustrates these qualities? Give specific examples of work projects, responsibilities, tasks and achievements that you’ve been involved with

Do your research

Take a look at the profiles of candidates already working in your target field.

How do they present themselves? There may be some aspects of how people do so that you want to adopt, and other aspects you may wish to tweak or change.

Some careers and fields will require a professional approach, and others will suit a more creative and friendly tone.

Get to know the expectations of the field that you’re hoping to work within, and make sure your profile meets them, while allowing space for something personal and unique.

Be consistent

If you have more than one profile on several different jobseeker and professional sites, make sure that the information it contains is consistent. That’s not to say that profiles have to be identical; different platforms will better suit distinct approaches.

Be selective about what you include

Some platforms may give you space to include personal information and this can be a good opportunity to communicate something about your interests and personality. But be selective.

Don’t go anywhere near politics or religion, and instead draw attention to the interests that show you in the best light.

These might be your five favourite books, your voluntary work, or fundraising activities.

Outside work interests often give prospective employers a good indication about the kind of person they’re considering.

Don’t be afraid to tweak

If you find your profile isn’t proving effective, don’t be afraid to revise it. Creating the perfect online job profile will always require an element of experimentation.

Think about how best to showcase your talents, and what the employer is looking for.

Bearing these two considerations in mind will help keep your online profile on track to land the dream job.

Choose your platform wisely

As well as how to create your perfect online job profile, you should consider which platform is the best place to showcase your talents. LinkedIn is used by professional recruiters to find high-quality candidates, but it can be a competitive place in which to get noticed. Other large scale jobs sites such as Indeed can also be useful.

Platforms that give candidates a better chance to shine

At CVVid, the inclusion of video CVs allows job seekers to showcase their personality and make a great first impression.

Most recruiters have moved to online recruiting, and are now looking beyond the traditional CV and application form approach.

In the future, job application processes are likely to be much more interactive and creative.

This gives employers the opportunity to gain a better impression of a potential candidate’s personality prior to calling them for an interview.

CVVid has proven to be incredibly effective for candidates who have found themselves getting lost in more conventional application processes.

This way, you get the opportunity to make an instant connection with a potential employer.

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