How to Kick-start Your Career After Graduation

Once you’ve graduated, you’re entering a highly competitive jobs market, with over 100 graduates applying for every job. But there are things you can do to kick-start your career after graduation.

Here’s our guide to giving yourself the best possible start after graduation.

Be Open to Ideas

Career opportunities can come from unexpected places. You might feel your dream job is out of reach, but the job you apply for to mark time might just end up being your new dream job. Many career paths are full of twists and turns, and sometimes this is more rewarding than a straight and steady route.

Consider what you really value in a job, whether it’s about the salary, the benefits, the culture, work-life balance or other factors. This can help with the bigger picture.

Don’t underestimate the value of transferrable skills and of different kinds of experience.

Stay Realistic

Open-mindedness shouldn’t lead you down flights of fancy. You do need to keep a sense of proportion and manage your expectations.

If you can’t wander into your ideal job straight away, what can you do that will open doors for you and help you work towards your goals.

Do this and eventually, it will lead you to the right career path and employer.

Know Your Own Value

If you’re going to create a CV that turns heads (see below) then you need to be honest in how you assess your own skills, qualities, personality and values.

This isn’t just a useful exercise however, it’s something that can help you develop an inner core of self-reliance that will stand you well in your future career.

Gain Work Experience

What skills do you have that you can apply in ways that will help you get a foot in the door of your chosen career?

You can use these skills in the voluntary sector in an internship or work shadowing role. These are ways of gaining valuable work experience, which, in turn, will help bolster your CV.

Also, if you do voluntary work, you can gain fresh skills that will flesh out your work experience and stand you in good stead when applying for jobs.

Start Networking

In business, networking is highly important for making valuable contacts, meeting prospects and generating leads. But it’s also good for career development.

You can begin closer to home, with fellow alumni, lecturers and professors. Build on these connections and explore careers fairs, networking events and other events that are relevant to the career-related areas you wish to pursue.

Most sectors have their own networking events and there are regular trade shows that offer plenty of networking opportunities. As we come out of lockdown, more of these events are appearing on the calendar.

Networking may not yield immediate results, but it can present opportunities further down the line, and give you some valuable contacts.

Research Industries and Markets

Reinforce your job-seeking activities with solid online research into the industries and markets you want to work in.

Do your homework now and this can help with the application and interview processes. Showing a keen interest in the industries where you want to work helps convince employers that you’ll be a good investment for them.

Make Your CV Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t treat your CV as something run-of-the-mill for prospective employers to refer to. Make it stand out.

How can you do this? A video CV is the perfect vehicle for expressing who you are and what you can offer employers. With the spread of digital communication and remote working, video is an increasingly useful tool for companies looking to recruit fresh talent.

You can get ahead of the game with your own carefully crafted, professional video CV.

Nothing creates a positive first impression like a video. Its impact is immediate.

Make Yourself Memorable

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ve got to focus your energies, understand your strengths, and use them in contexts that help you along your career path.

If you want to kick-start your career, you want to get off to a head start by making a strong impression.

A key aspect of this is your CV and how you can maximise its potential as a tool for presenting you and promoting your talent. For more information about CV videos for jobseekers, please get in touch

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