How can you use a video CV?

A video CV reaches the parts that other CVs don’t.

For a start, it will enable you to stand out from the crowd among literally dozens of applications an employer might receive.

It also enhances the recruitment experience for employers by telling them who you are in a more directly accessible way.

And it creates a feeling of trust that might be lacking in a classic CV; after all, you’ll be the person bold enough to look a potential employer in the eye and tell them why you would do a great job!

The video CV can also be useful for anyone who prefers to present themselves in a more visual style – not all of us are a whizz with the written word.

Once you’ve created your short video, you can then either upload it into the internet or share it with a recruiter.

Can you use a video CV in the same way as a paper resume?

A video CV isn’t a replacement for the paper résumé that details your education and employment history, skills, qualifications and experience.

A video cv is used to showcase you as a person.

This is an add-on to a job application where you can tell employers about the real you – albeit in a form that is targeted to the recruiter and the job you’re going for.

It’s a way of marketing yourself to potential employers.

What must I include on my video CV?

You need to show who you are, how well you can communicate, what kind of team player you are, your experience, and ambition.

This is your ‘elevator pitch’, during which you have to grab a prospective employer’s attention within the first 10 seconds.

What you don’t need to do is start listing your qualifications and internships you’ve done since leaving school.

Is video cv right for me?

In jobs that require you to be creative, a video CV is the perfect way to highlight your skills.

It could show a dancer’s performance-based work, maybe you’re seeking a job in design and motion graphics, or need to demonstrate how as a teacher you handle a class.

This will work for you.

express yourself to potential employers using video cv

Video CV is also perfect for those in client-facing roles whose work involves persuading potential buyers.

However, just because you’re not in those kinds of professions doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Master the art of making your video CV and even if you don’t get this job, next time around you’ll have even more of an edge over your competitors.


Confuse your personal life with your professional one.

You want your video CV to be relevant to the job and the employer.

Having said that, talk about your passions, extra-curricular projects and the things that interest you.

The video CV is an exciting way to show who you are; you just don’t need to go into detail about relationship status at this stage!

Expect your video résumé to replace your traditional résumé.

Not all employers are interested in a video résumé, and others are worried about discrimination issues, such as hiring candidates because of how they look and sound rather than their qualifications.

However, a well-constructed video can boost your candidacy for employment.

Video CV and social media

Many hiring managers will search for you online anyway, so you may as well be proactive by listing the links.

Social media pages can showcase you as an individual, rather than just a list of past jobs, skills, and achievements.

But if you have information on your Facebook or Twitter pages that you’d prefer an employer didn’t see, don’t link your video CV.


If you need more support, check out CVVID ( a technological enterprise and employability resource that has been designed to help you navigate your career options.

By engaging in the process of creating a video CV, you will enhance soft skills, gain insight into job readiness, grow your knowledge and awareness of employer expectations, and develop your confidence and motivation.

Cvvid - applying for jobs, be noticed, search job has never been easier

Creating a video CV gives potential employers or decision-makers an insight into your personality, interests, goals and characteristics which are important when they are choosing the most suitable candidate.

It also allows you to showcase yourself in the best possible light.

As well as a technology platform, CVVID Careers has devised a comprehensive careers module differentiated for use in school, further education and higher education contexts.

This will help you to:

  • Think deeper about your career options and paths
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Create and form your career identity
  • Prepare you for life beyond education

It also provides tools such as a curriculum-mapped careers program, video creation app and access to digital entrepreneur vlogger ambassador (deva) network all of which are designed to help you on your way to success.

If you would like to know more about how to make your own video CV, and the ways in which you can use it to attract recruiters, contact us today.

Our CVVID Video CV mobile app can help you stand out in your job application by demonstrating your communication and presentation skills. 

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