Help and support for jobseekers

Help and support for jobseekers

Looking for a job can sometimes feel like a lonely business. You have to stay motivated and attend to a range of different tasks, from seeking out jobs, registering online profiles, applying for vacancies and brushing up on your interview skills, Sometimes the whole process can feel isolating and a little overwhelming.

Luckily, you’re not alone. There is a range of advice and support services available, all of which can make finding a job simpler.

Get financial support

Firstly, it’s crucial that you receive all the financial support you need before you begin your job search. There is a range of financial support available if you find yourself unemployed and actively seeking work. Jobseekers Allowance is the primary benefit for anyone currently unemployed but actively seeking work and you can find out more about eligibility on the government website.

By applying for Jobseekers Allowance you may also then be able to access a range of other support services. If you find your financial situation worsening, then charities such as Turn2Us can provide a range of financial support and advice.

Looking for work while simultaneously having concerns about your financial situation can be draining and mental health support from organisations such as Mind can ensure that you stay healthy and well.

Get professional support

It’s not right for everybody and if your budget is limited it may not be a realistic option, but professional career support and mentoring services can help you throughout your job search.

Jobseeker support programmes can help highly motivated individuals to identify what they want to do and then find ways of getting there. A professional mentoring service can provide you with a package of support, from creating the perfect CV, brushing up on your interview skills and refining your job-seeking approach.

If you’ve been out of work for some time or are limited financially, many charities offer similar mentoring services, often allied to voluntary work programmes that can help you brush up on your skills and build confidence. Whatever your budget or target career you should be able to find mentoring support that can give you an added boost in your job search.

There’s also a range of free advice and support available from JobHelp, an agency run by Jobcentre Plus.

Use a CV builder

Recruitment departments receive countless CVs every year from people applying for jobs or who are sending out their CV speculatively. To make your CV stand out from the crowd you could make use of a CV builder.

There is a range of CV builders available online, some of them free to use and basic, others available for a small subscription. They usually contain a range of templates and can come with industry-specific advice and guidance. They make the task of creating an up-to-date, professional CV much simpler. They also allow for easy updating and tweaking when you’re applying for different jobs, allowing you to emphasise different roles, experience or qualifications.

Let employers see your personality

Video CVs are making a real difference to the recruitment process for both recruiters and job seekers alike. For employers, they can help give you an insight into someone’s personality before you decide who you’re going to call for an interview. For job seekers, they allow you to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

If you feel your paper CV doesn’t do justice to your talents and personality, then a video CV can be a great way to communicate your qualities. If someone calls you to an interview after having seen your video CV it suggests that they like what they see and want to find out more about you. 

With recruitment, and even induction, online video CVs are likely to become the norm over the coming years. CVVid makes the whole process simple, allowing you to record and upload your video CV, and then use it to apply for jobs advertised on the site.

You’re not alone

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone when you’re searching for a job. There’s a range of support services available and recruiters are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join their company.

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