Best websites to post jobs on for free (that actually works!)

If you have a vacancy to fill, you will want to do so promptly without it costing the earth.

There are now countless websites available that allow you to post jobs for free, but just how effective are they?

Some of them can, and do, deliver high-quality applications from first-class candidates, while others barely prompt a single response.

So, what are the best online places to post your job vacancies to secure the best applicants?

Find A Job

Find A Job is a government-run website that allows employers to post vacancies and for candidates to apply online. Not as well-known as some of the big commercial alternatives, but can be effective for some roles. Employers can advertise a job opportunity and manage vacancies on’s Find A Job service


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Indeed is one of the world’s biggest online job sites. It’s used by more than three million companies worldwide, and is the first port of call for many jobseekers. Employers such as Compare The Market and The University of Oxford use it regularly, and free posts can be boosted with paid advertising. The size of Indeed might mean, however, that some opportunities get lost in the crowd, particularly if they’re not boosted with paid advertising.


The go-to site for many professional jobseekers and the premier business and workplace networking site on the planet. LinkedIn is a good place for employers to post vacancies, but it does have some drawbacks. It’s a highly competitive environment, both for employers and applicants, so your vacancy will need to stand out. The most effective job vacancy postings on the platform tend to be those that are supported by paid advertising that targets high-quality candidates.


Facebook, in particular, has become a forum in which employers share job vacancies. The ability for people to share posts can make it an effective means by which to reach suitable candidates. Often Facebook users may know of someone who may be interested, and will tag them to draw their attention to your post. It differs from platforms such as LinkedIn in that its reach and scope are much wider.

Twitter/Instagram/Other platforms

There is a range of different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or TikTok that may be more suitable for promoting your vacancy rather than as the primary place to advertise it. Think about your ideal candidates and which platforms they will use. If you already have a successful social media presence for your business, then make full use of it when you advertise your vacancy.


CVVid matches high-quality applicants with exciting job opportunities, and is proving to be an enormous asset to smart employers. It helps to make recruitment more effective and efficient, saving employers time and money.

What makes CVVid stand out from some of the alternatives is that it incorporates video CVs as part of its platform. Applicants create their own brief introductory video which allows them to showcase their skills, experience and personality.

It gives employers a much better indication of what a candidate is like, and also allows jobseekers to upload a detailed resume of their qualifications and experience.  

CVVid permits employers to gain an insight into the personality of each applicant prior to inviting them to an interview. It also allows the applicant to make a better first impression than is sometimes possible in a highly pressured interview situation.

CVVid has created an extra, beneficial stage in the recruitment journey and one that works for both applicants and employers alike.  It can work for you too, saving valuable time and money.

It’s the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting and much quicker!

Finding the best online platform for your job vacancy can sometimes seem a little hit-and-miss, so look for a platform that gives you something extra.

A growing number of employers are discovering the benefits that CVVid, with its personal and innovative approach, can bring to the recruitment process.

So, what are you waiting for? Register as an employer at CVVid and start posting jobs today.

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